Just draw this first line

It’s so true when it’s about drawing. As long as you keep your pencil away from the paper, you might wait enternally for creative ideas. I find the best for me is when I just stop thinking whenever I feel the urge to draw something. I take a paper, a pencil, turn on some wonderful music matching my mood, and then let my hands do whatever they want.

In this case it is a mere, though remarkable line. I just make one big wave with my arm, and there it is: A FACE. Wow! Everything around just develops all by itself. The cheek is amazing. I love to realize that everything turns out to be connected. Whichever line I follow, whichever face I discover, it goes on, and on, and on. No beginning, no ending. Everything is interconnected like life itself. That is my art. And I love it!

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