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Zaragoza, Spain, 2003. Being member of the Cultural Working Group (CWG) of the European Student Association AEGEE, I am confronted with the task of creating a logo for the new edition of our Cultural and Artistic Magazine. I have been designing simple birthday cards and invitations before, so this is finally a real chance for a more worldly contribution. The only challenge I face is that the only programs I have for accomplishing this task are Power Point and a simple Microsoft Paint. How would that possibly work out? I give it a try.

At first I play with different WordArt settings in PowerPoint. At the moment when I get a clear idea about how the logo should look like, I realize the long way laying ahead between imagination and realization. WordArt is a fantastic function in PowerPoint, and with the additonal help of screen print and saving options, cutting this, glueing that, and examining parts of the image under magnifying glass for tiny corrections in Microsoft Paint, I finally solve my virtual ping-pong work. The result is a simple yet clear logo that has – in my opinion – all the power needed to express what our magazine is about – culture and art.

One day I am furthermore asked to create a new logo for the group itself, since a proper one was still missing for our website. This time I feel lucky because I have Jasc Paint Shop Pro at my disposal. I love to work with Jasc, it seems so easy and convenient for me, besides that it is one of those graphic editors I have worked with most. Creating the new working group logo brings lots of joy for me, and it seems that I implement this joy right away into my work:

When I am suddenly asked to make a logo for the new campaign of our working group, too, I quickly create the following before time is running out for printing and distributing our posters among interested students:

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