Orangine Coconell

I discovered to be a piece of art myself, and this blog is about showing you how this art piece is evolving. I dance, I draw, I paint, I sing, I write, I create, I play guitar, I think, I observe, I mirror myself, I act, I wonder, I feel, I discover, I learn, I talk, I listen, I understand, I photograph, … and above all – I love my life. And this love I feel like sharing with you.

Orangine Coconell is a vibrant being, who channels her energies through the love of creation. Being an artist is essential to her. She is eternally grateful that during her lifetime – before and after her rebirth – she has got knowledge and ideas to share with all of you out there. Every second in her life is meant to make herself happy. Be aware that who you meet here is someone who simply lives what she feels and shares what she has. Enjoy! ­čśë

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