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Life is a Puzzle

Life is a puzzle

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I am participating in the online course “A Creative Adventure of Self-Discovery” to enhance creativity since end of April 2013, simply in order to get back to my creative life, to learn focusing also on me now and then, to make time for self-care and self-growth. The exercises I need to be doing range from writing, reflecting, to creative tasks such as painting, doodling, collage making etc. Here goes the first one.

Easter Wonderland

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It’s 5 a.m., Good Friday, and as usual I need a tiny moment to get fully awake while my baby son is already fit for the day. My first look into the new day goes out of the window. I am blown away by the view. The universe provided a big miracle, turning the still cold but upcoming spring into a snowy Easter Wonderland! Thick layers of white cover the streets, roofs, cars, sidewalks, and trees appear like having a huge sugar coating put on. Sleepiness is forgotten, and together with my son we marvel at the big white cover over all the life out there this morning. I begin taking in snow from the roof, playing with my son on the bare ground. Suddenly, creativity hits me.

Yummy gluten-free cookies - the dark ones with beetroot, the bright ones with carrots

Yummy gluten-free cookies

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There are these days when inspiration takes over and things left behind are taken up in an instant. Today is such day. The sun is shining, my son sleeping on my back in the carrier, and I feel amazingly inspired to use this little time I’ve got to share with you my newest recipe for gluten-free cookies.

I have done gluten-free cookies before, and generally use following recipe:

250g gluten-free flour
125g margarine
60g sweetener
pinch of salt
1 egg