Legs on stage

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[Waaarning! The photos are of low quality for having been taken with a simple film camera and scanned with a very basic scanner. Aaadvice 😉 Mouse on photo reveals it’s topic. Have fun!]

Zaragoza, Spain, 2003. It’s summer, and I am in love, in love with Augustas 😉 Since it is 3 months to go until I will see him again, I think of expressing my love to him in different ways. I know his fascination for my legs, thus I get the idea of making a shoe shooting. I carry along all my shoes, and then me and my Lithuanian friend Jovita start experimenting. We aim to express certain human characteristics with each shoe and position of feet and legs. We do furthermore combine my personality traits with the shoe’s own. And this is what we have got.








That we had lots of fun doing the shooting I probably don’t need to mention, eh? ;D

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