UnSunk FUNK photo shoot

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November 2010. I am staying at the UnSunk FUNK gallery of Genevieve in Bunbury, WA. After delivering a hug sent by a funny busker we met on the streets of Perth, we are invited to stay as long as we wish. As we like helping out, we figure that Genevieve urgently needs a photo shoot for her newest vintage dresses and done, so she could put them on-line in her UnSunk Funk shop. Additionally, she dreams of having a couple of photos revealing the inside treasures of her gallery shop.

Just a couple of months ago I had accomplished the task of a wellness photo shoot at Monte Vista on Ko Phangan island in Thailand. It went so well for being my first shoot that I feel confident I can help out Genevieve. The good thing in her case is that I don’t need to prepare anything. There is no fixed setup, no expectations, just the wish of making her new designs shine in the limelight.

While Genevieve dresses her young model, I check the possible locations outside. Depending on the outfit I choose different locations. We try many things and create what universe intends to be. With lots of fun we bring about marvelous results.

3 comments on “UnSunk FUNK photo shoot

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