Love your Art

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Let’s eliminate all judgement existing out there in the world about perfect, authentic drawings, adorable paintings, magnificient sculptures, touching voices, accurate dances, stilistic writings…, and let’s only look at ourselves, each one at himself, when we are creating something. The most important thing in doing art is to LOVE WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Simply feel your desire to do it and let your JOY flow freely through you. Feel free to do whatever you want to, there are no limits. Only feel. Smile. Embrace yourself as who you are. Dive into the process of creation as if it was an ocean. Let yourself carry by the waves of excitement. Love yourself for what you are doing right in the moment of creation. Be that divine child that is fully into the process of creation. Nothing can distract you when being completely with yourself and your art. Give yourself the promise that what you are doing, the art you are creating, is ONLY FOR YOURSELF, that you do it because YOU LOVE to do it, that it is the moment of creation that you enjoy so deeply and which makes you appreciate that and who you are. BELIEVE that your art, your creation, will be the most beautiful on planet earth. When you profoundly believe that your art is beautiful, you inject into your work universal positive energy. This energy will illuminate yourself and shine out into the world, no matter if ever or never presented to someone.

Art is meant to be a tool of expression, a way of showing YOURSELF what is going on inside of you. Use it as that, and you might be astonished what all lingers inside your heart, behind all logical explanations. Above all, enjoy! 😉

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