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The more I become involved in my true calling, the more I feel responsible to share what I live. I never thought that how I view the insects, animals, plants, flowers, trees, etc. would be of importance for anybody else here on Mother Earth. Having just read the words from the Greenlandic Shaman Anganngaq  about the huge changes in the world happening right now, I need to share with you my attitude to all beings and to nature – including my today’s failure.

I tiptoe around ants, I stop at most bugs, I feel hurt when a flower or “just” a leaf is stripped from the bush without permission, without reason, just “for fun”. I avoid touching i.e. frogs, as I imagine how frightened they must be when I go hunt and catch them, just in order to see them from close. It feels cruel to me. Instead of killing mosquitoes, I search a glass and and a lid in order to catch them and let them fly outside of the house. This list is endless. Sometimes I wondered if I am too sensitive what concerns life around me. Yet, the involvement into spiritual practices and learning about global issues impacting each and everyone’s life here on Earth, is now calling me strongly to make aware, to help waking up other human beings. Today, though, I led my lower self rule over what I normally live and preach.

The theme is about fruit flies. Today I caught myself how in a moment of unawareness they disturbed my peace concerning the well-being of my ecological fruits. For an instant I forget about their preciousness, their right to be here, their purpose, and projected negative thoughts on them, trying to swish them away, NOT caring enough about their lives. A few seconds later I paused realizing what I am doing. I put myself over them. I decided that they had no right to eat MY food! I judged them for turning my yummy fruits into a mushy inedible mess.

And then it dawned on me. How on earth can I behave that cruel? How in heaven I could judge what is their nature, their purpose of being? How could they possibly know they are destroying my expensive, yummy, ecological fruits? Let’s be realistic. They do not, or have you seen them shopping at the market? They simply act to the best of their ability. They just do their job. Without fruit flies our food wouldn’t turn back to precious, rich earth to plant on. They are one essential part of making our earth fruitful. Would you do me the favor to remember it when you meet them?

I woke up anew today. My aim is to continue a peaceful stroll along Mother Earth, remembering the preciousness of all beings here on Earth. With deep gratitude for this teaching I hope it may prosper in you, too.

1 comment on “Precious life

  1. Thomas

    I’m im such cases not sensitive enough. I have a real hate for Food moths. They lay their eggs in the flour and oatmeal and spoil it. Meanwhile, I let spiders live, although I have a veritable phobia in front of them. Perhaps I grow up on them?? Kind regards !!


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