African wedding the modern way

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Cape Town, South Africa, 2004. Right after my journey through Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia, and Botswana, I am staying with Augustas in Cape Town, where he is doing some volunteering work. We live together with one Slovakian guy and two German girls.

Just a couple of days ago the Slovakian flatmate Juro asked me if I could create a nice wedding card for him to congratulate his African friends for their union. He knows I am loving the arts, so he asks if I could create something mirroring some traditional African wedding ceremony. I gather all kinds of magazines together in search of images showing any kind of wedding traditions. After awhile I figure that the modern way of weddings, such as we are used to in Europe, seems to replace traditional African wedding celebrations – at least in magazines. Since I have cut out already a lot of non-traditional material, I spare to bother and move on to put a collage together.

The result is far from reminding a tradtional African wedding ceremony. Nonetheless, it’s overwhelming to Juro, and not just because it became “slightly” bigger than the expected postcard size (actually 2 x A3 size 😉 )

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