Fitting a dress

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Mexico, December 2006. Our clothes look a bit worn out from the last years travel, which makes our friends Patricia and Jorge from Chicxulub think we could need something new. They search their wardrobe, and soon hand out a new t-shirt to Augustas and a nice long dress to me. My dress’ color is pastel green. It’s beautiful, though I realize quite soon that it makes me look pretty pale. In general I tend to wear rather strong colored clothes with my favorites being red, orange, yellow, sky blue, violet etc. Anyway, I am grateful receiving it, who knows what’s waiting ahead in our journey and why universe had brought it to me.

Cuba, January 2007. A couple of months have gone by, during which I kept the dress mostly inside  my backpack. I put it on sometimes, but just to check if it might fit better, but nothing changes. The result is always the same: I simply look too pale in it.

Since the dress itself is beautiful, I come up with the idea to paint it. The design I scribble in my tiny notebook looks awesome, so when I finally find clothes paint in Cuba I start painting. Although it takes quite a while, since I am painting with the wooden end of my brush (to make it as accurate as can be), the result is stunning.

2 comments on “Fitting a dress

  1. Orangine

    Hi Nora, sorry, but the dress is somewhere else in the world now, I don’t even know where I left it. But…I could make another one one day. Probably with a different image, though ;))
    Hugs to you from Australia! ;))


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