High-heels – a painful ridicule

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Isn’t it ridiculous that women are still wearing high-heels?

No? I say, Yes. Women and men alike know the power of high heels, which in first place is just about “attraction”. I agree that they make women’s legs appear longer. I agree that they look beautiful with a costume or lady-like dress. I agree that they are drawing men’s eyes on women – which, if we are honest, is what we women want. We love to be attractive.

Now, this is all beautiful, just what about the pain we are actually putting up with while wearing them? High-heels are usually not formed according to the natural shape of our feet. Often, and we women know that vErY well, the shoes are too small, chafing one’s skin at least in one spot. Wearing them brings us painful blisters, which we cover with (often) skin adapting sticking plaster costing a fortune.

“Well, that’s normal! We have to get used to the shoes…it’s a usual procedure…they have to adapt to our feet…” If that was true, why then we rarely (or not at all) have to face such issues when wearing comfortable hiking or sports shoes? Or what about outdoor sandals? And then we have got the famous birkenstock, very comfy ones. Why then those shoes don’t have to adapt to our feet, but we buy them fitting, no discomfort included?

Furthermore, I don’t know if the average man has ever experienced wearing high-heels, nor what it means to be in them for the whole day, and not to forget what it means during a night out, where we spend most of the time standing. It’s probably best described with standing with your bare heel on a fist size stone, keeping the balance on the ball of one’s foot.

Summing up the whole story, it is all but comfortable, and it’s amazing to me to witness so many women still wearing high-heels. What for? For the sake of pleasing others? I’ve got better things to do in life, and thus I stick to flat, comfy shoes, and use my energy for creating collages about the ridicules of “modern” women’s life.

2 comments on “High-heels – a painful ridicule

  1. Ericka

    Hi there, just doing some research for my Birkenstock website. Lots of information out there. Wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but cool site. Take care.

  2. Nada

    Hear, Hear!Although, I bear some responsibility for haivng succumbed to comfortable (i.e. non-sexy) shoes, is it too much to ask for comfy padding in the metatarsal area? I skipped up and down subways in New York and Paris wearing 3 inch mules (sandals!) then gave into a penchant for red flip flops in which I thought nothing of walking 50 blocks in in my 20s. Needless to say, there were repercussions. I’m on board with the high-ish heels. Not ready to throw in the towel yet.


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