Love is like Chocolate

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On a quiet evening in Berlin in Spring 2005 I am working on the color-composition of the website for our upcoming life journey. Being in thoughts, I suddenly delve into deep feelings of love and compassion for the man by my side. Although far apart physically in this moment, in my mind and heart he is as close as one can be to another person.

Being so deeply in loving imagination of the both of us on our journey, I am inspired to serve a special surprise to my beloved. Besides working with photos made during common adventures, I decide to create a new one. Having only a scanner at hand for an immediate photo production, I take one of my yummy chocolates, bite one time inside (what a dream!), and scan the whole sweet. I add a few delicious words on top.

PS: Shokoladas stands for chocolate in Lithuanian language, adapted in this case because then I missed the Lithuanian special characters. The original writing is Šokoladas.

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