Nudes in engineering lecture

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Berlin, around 2004. I have to attend lectures at the university about Innovation Management – obligatory, since they are part of the studies I have (how did I…?) choosen. These lectures appear most times terribly boring to me. I am unsure if it’s the professor, with his monotonus voice, or if it is the knowledge I am supposed to gain that keeps my thoughts wander away from the lecture room into a world full of colors and creativity.

Since communicating between students isn’t welcoming to this particular professor during the lecture (I wonder why?…), I need something else to keep me awake and somewhat in the place where I am sitting.

Paper and pen are both available, so what is closer than drawing something to keep me alive? And so I draw, and I wonder at times, how this Innovation Management lecture makes me having thoughts about naked women posing and doing gymnastics… Is it the word “Innovation”, or does it relate to the “Management” of sportive women…? Or is it simply the necessary opponent to this near to pension aged professor with his dry and grey lecture content? Never mind, since they for sure are one of the reasons I survived another lecture of Innovation Management.

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