That much I loved tea with cookies in Spain

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It feels like it is yesterday, and I am sitting on the round table in the living room of my Spanish living community. We are three girls sharing a 4-room house, and we all love to spend the first half or more hour of our days on that table, provided with a hot chocolate, tea or cappucchino and delicious cookies. Counting backwards I realize that this “yesterday” is already 7 years old, and it’s still so alive in my memory. My precious time in Zaragoza, Spain…

My love for tea brought me to collect all kinds of tea packages, for unknown creative reasons. One day I added cookie packages to my collection, and then I topped it with glossy candy papers. The day came when my inspiration got me focused on my passion about tea and cookies. I thought, ‘Why not making a cup out of my package collection?’ And thus I began honoring the colorful tea and cookie packages with creating them a memorial in form of a collage.

1 comment on “That much I loved tea with cookies in Spain

  1. Sofía

    Hi Orangine!!
    Lovely collage!
    I love tea too…
    I recently tried the Masala Chai… it was so hot! I couldn’t drink it!
    In south africa I can’t start my day without drinking rooiebos tea. Smalls pleasures of everyday 🙂


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