The Creation of Me

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While living for 6 months in India I met a Russian man from Latvia, who could see auras. He told me I should wear orange clothes or bring this color else wise into my life. Orange clothing makes me actually very happy. Furthermore, this man got two precious gemstones for me – a yellow sapphire and an orange topaz. Their power added enourmously to the remembrance of who I really am.

One day I got a request of a girl from CouchSurfing. She asked to meet me, and when reading here name – Orange – I thought that THIS was truly AMAZING! How much more orange color I could get provided with in my life than by a woman whose name was Orange?

Just about two days before Orange arrived, I got the final kick in for truly naming of what and who I am. For years I was searching the right name for me, and now at last I got it. Being triggered by the upcoming visit of Orange I remembered the delicious looking drink ‘Orangina‘ from the movie Black Cat White Cat. Since then, I use to call most limonades Orangina, I simply love that name. I love the Lithuanian language, too, and there Orange is called Oranžine (ž is pronounced like sh in shine). My far back ancestors are Italians and I love the Italian language. Making the sum here – it was logical that I would be Orangine, pronounced the Italian way.

I got a name, now I needed a surname, because standing alone Orangine still didn’t express fully who I am and how I feel about myself. Since in India I fall in love with fresh coconut water and meat, the choice was made. Just…Coconut as a surname sounded too bland. It took only an instance of thought and I created my surname – Coconell. That must have been a calling from my soul and my love for the name Chanel in general.

And here I am – reborn a second time within one earthly life, in India at the age of 34, upon a layer of orange color, and with the beautiful, imaginary, happy name of Orangine Coconell ;D

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