Traditional Chinese Massage

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Belize, 2006. Once a week I am visiting Helen in her Traditional Chinese Massage center in Corozal. She scrapes out tensions stored up in different parts of my body, mainly in the back and on the arms. She also uses all kind of other treatment tools to release any kind of tensions in my muscles.

The recent invitation to her birthday makes me think about a nice birthday present. A drawing comes to my mind, which mirrors the time I spend with her each week in the session. We had taken photos of the different kind of treatments she is giving me, and now they turn out useful for composing the drawing.

Helen is turning into a bundle of joy when receiving my birthday gift. Surprisingly to both of us, she places the drawing straight away onto the wall in the patient waiting room of her massage center. I just wonder…could it put off future patients seeking tension relief? Rather not, I guess. I believe patients that have never undergone this massage procedure might rather be delighted about the “pleasure” awaiting them. Good so ;D

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