Trimaran’s name-day

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Isla de Mujeres, Mexico, December 2006. I am working and living with my husband on an orange trimaran (boat with three parallel hulls), which is standing on land receiving some major repair. Besides doing true major stuff like resealing the windows, repainting the boat, and repairing broken parts, there is one task requiring a bit of creative thinking. Stuart, the boat’s captain, has got a beautiful name for his trimaran – Aransas. AND – he leaves it to me to get an idea of designing and fixing the name on the outside hull of the boat 😉

I’ve got another visit to the toilet, many of the frequent ones these days due to some inner contamination issue with unwanted visitors. I know that these sessions take a while, so what else to do than think about designing Aransas. I quickly grab an old supermarket receipt and a pen, and in I am in the relieving room. The no thought state is usually the best for creating something, so I first stare meditative-like onto the wall, while physical matters move successfully on their own. It doesn’t take long, and I start scribbling the name on the paper, redrawing the lines until they are thick enough. A little peppy, and there it is. I feel THIS IS IT.

My husband agrees on the spot, and the captain loves the design, too. I make a digital photo of the scribbling, print it out in huge size, and soon after I find myself drawing the letters on the hull. Additionally, I create some kind of masks, which I stick to the boot to avoid smearing the black color spray for the letters on other parts of the beautiful yellow-orange background. Once the installation is finished, which takes the actual time of two entire days, I finally embellish the yellow-orange hull with the black letters of ARANSAS – on both outer hulls of the trimaran.

Wanna have a look at the end result for both sides? Here it is ;D

Blends wonderfully in with the waves in the ocean!

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