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Colombia, 2007. On the fascinating island of Baru in the North of Colombia I enjoy the beauty of all that is. Life can be so easy, so precious, so special if you just stop doing and start being. Right on the beach I discover several funny things, among which are two empty coconuts, an empty beer bottle, an ice cream stick, an old bottle lid, a dried apple peel, a coral, a piece of wood, and some dried grass fiber. The beach seems to have it all, and like a child I begin to play with my findings. First of all, I love a comparison of the natural, nourishing coconut water with the somewhat unnatural, man-made beer bottle. Who needs beer on a beach with abundant coconut supply? Anyway, the colors of the bottle’s label are so bright and sunny, they blend in harmoniously with the coconuts.

The other ingredients the sand provides me with inspire me to create a live collage. I arrange a little set up of miniature world, which reveals the passion the Colombians inherited from the Roman Empire. What? ;D Have fantasy!

When strolling around the beach at Isla Baru I happen upon a seller who makes cute little lobsters and other sea food into an unidentifiable porridge. If that tastes? I never find out.

The day has been an adventurous one, and when the few tourists that dared to step onto the island for the weekend finally leave, the real magic of this place becomes so tempting that I cannot help but try touching it.

1 comment on “Colombia inspires

  1. Emi

    Esa es mi prima, esstas muy linda esas fotos son heorsmas cada que las veo siempre me gustan mas i mas, ademas el fotografo iso bien su trabajo te quiero mucho chao.


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