David Beckham might see himself different

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Zaragoza, Spain, 2003. In one of the magazines laying around the house I find an advertisement, which is showing a profile photograph of David Beckham’s face. I decide to draw him, and I must admit I didn’t meet his proportions. I might perceive his appearance simply from another perspective, since I only notice when I finish the drawing. Nevertheless, the face I produce is outstanding, and definitely male.

I continue to draw neck, throat, and shoulders. The outcome is dissatisfying, disproportional, and somewhat unfitting to the handsome face. My missing sense to bother correcting it is replaced by the idea of drawing endless lines in different directions on top of it. Some kind of pattern results, which I imagine to be colored with red and white acrylic paint. In order to intensify the appearance of the pattern I add black lines on the edges.

Upon finishing I realize that the face and the pattern are in absolute harmony. It feels like a complete balance of female and male energy – a perfect combination of Ying and Yang.

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