Like Picasso and Dali unknowingly

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Zaragoza, Spain, 2003. The pencil flows over the paper creating a flow of events, which are all interconnected. I don’t think. I just let the lines appear on the paper. Since the elements and figures appear a bit lonely on the big white sheet of paper, I feel like placing them in a grid.

Having just bought acrylic color, I feel invited to dress everyone and everything in the scene with color. Again, I choose by feeling which color should go where, which turns out to keep the painting in balance.

When sending a sample of my drawings and paintings to my uncle, he tells me that this piece of art reminds him a mixture of Picasso and Dali. I had never heard about any of the two. I research the Internet, and find myself surprised at the discovery of these two famous artists. I fall straight in love with Dali. Being at the source of his work, I mean living in Spain, makes it a natural next step to me to appear in his museum soon thereafter.

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