Wheel of female energy

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Zaragoza, Spain, 2003. Starring at the plain paper in front of me, a big X with a female body in the center starts swirling around in my imagination. The first big X I place invites for putting more X’es, which I realize by measuring equal distances on the vertical sides and connecting them through the center. I hesitate drawing the female body in the middle of the page, since my idea is still under construction. Instead I continue by coloring the wings in red, black, and white.

My creative energy flows. I decide to make a female body template, which is perfect for bringing the glorious image of a circle consisting of female bodies onto the paper. I place the shape several times around the center, letting the toes meet each other. I believe that we females are so similar and yet so different, thus choosing a color connection feels proper to me to make this clear. I use the previous arm’s color for filling the following body part. Only one time I leave this line by adjusting the color to the background. For me this becomes a symbol for the most outstanding among us women.

The wings and the females are blending in harmoniously. Anyway, I feel like using up the remaining color to fill the big triangles on top and bottom of the sheet. A wild feeling creeps into me, resulting in an uncoordinated placing of colors inside the triangles. The soon evolving pattern soon fills the triangles completely. Around the females I struggle a bit, since the rather bumpy surface contrasts to the finely painted women bodies. I master it, though, and looking at my creation from a distance makes me feel satisfied. I created a wheel of female energy, which I am sure will turn from here to eternity.

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