Where the mind goes the energy flows…

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Zaragoza, Spain, 2003. Dr. Wayne Dyer uses this statement often in his lectures. I wonder where my mind went while producing the one above.

I remember vaguely that I intended to create something perfect. A great but false intention because “perfect” things only happen when I can let myself simply be and turn of my mind. In those moments creation is upon perfection simply because I follow the energy flow, the anything that is meant to be, that is supposed to evolve. It seems as if doing art switches my mind off automatically. It feels like jumping into a lake of cold water, bringing me easily into the state I enjoyed when receiving Dave’s rain-stick massage. It’s a “letting myself go”, like being a tiny particle swirling around freely in the universe. There is no thinking, there is only being. And when I began drawing this marvelous fellow here, even though I had this “perfect” intention, setting down the pencil onto the paper switched my mind off instantly. When a couple of hours later I look at this man, this figure, I see only one thing all life is about – ENERGY.

1 comment on “Where the mind goes the energy flows…

  1. Kaitlyn Vy

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