Carton boxes in new light

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My challenge really seems to become a challenge. Today I began working on it around 9.30 p.m. My son is ill for a week already, and today just didn’t let me go anywhere. He needed me constantly, so when to venture upon my creative endeavors?

Let’s make it simple. We use a lot of cartoon boxes for storing my son’s toys. Once we found a very nice pink colored box in front of our tea shop. It wasn’t the newest anymore, yet it would work as a shelf for our son. So my husband took it along. During the last months we collected a lot of small boxes from packages we received. They fit perfectly into the empty spaces of that pink shelf.

As their appearance is a bit unhappy, I decided to use up the rest of my son’s birthday wrapping paper (it was wrapped around his little hut as a surprise package) for covering the brown, unappetizing color with something more alive, more fitting into a child’s play space.

I began very late working on it. Partly, my son assisted in cutting the paper. Thus, we delayed even more, although it was enchanting to see him with the big scissors. I managed to complete 4 of the 9 boxes, so there is more work to do. For today though I see my challenge accomplished – despite the difficulties I was facing to find that little space to create what I intended.

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