Colorful bits and pieces

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This morning I was sitting at the breakfast table, thinking what my project for today could be. Then I caught sight of the design of my kitchen chair, and knew, what I am going to do. Lots of lines, lots of colors, maybe even shadows.

Then I began searching a lineal, which I thought I had stored in my paintings map. I found it there, and with it a drawing/painting mix, which matched my idea somewhat (well, not exactly, but the principle is the same). I had started this drawing a long, long time ago, and always carried it with me, knowing one day I will finish it.

Well, today was the day! Together with my son, who was sitting on my lap to watch me drawing, we began finishing this old project. My son soon wasn’t interested anymore, since I didn’t let him draw alone :O. I simply wanted to be sure the result is as I imagined. Anyways, he stayed on my lap and I drew as best I could with my son looking to distract and involve me into his activities on my table ;D

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