Over the hills and far away

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Pretty late in the evening at 7 p.m. I began setting up my space for painting – a place I will be able to leave everything untouched, so I can continue where I stopped previously ANYTIME!

Today I began doing what I promised to have had done until the end of last year 2015. I didn’t manage, for whatever reason. So it is burning for me to have this one done, as it is gifts for 5 different people. I have been participating last year in a challenge of kindness, of showing your love to other people by gifting them with something personally within the year 2015. High time for it!

I got my pencils out, having decided already before which colors my paintings should have. It will be green. That is something fascinating I noticed, too. Something is shifting in me. I have had for years purple as my favorite color. Then, over the period of last year I have been told I am only head, having lost contact to my body from different healers. Now, without even thinking, just feeling into it, every cell in my body turns to green. A bright green, shining with hope, with love, with the power of the heart chakra. This will be the base for my paintings.

Since I began painting pretty late, I might have to leave my creative endeavor for today at having painted only the base of those five paintings. Especially, because my 3 year old son asked me to draw something with his markers. Thus, even if I don’t get those paintings finished by today, I DID PAINT!, and I might even accomplish a drawing my son is asking me for. That’s two creative things in a day! A good start for 2016.

Ha! Just about half an hour after I wrote this post I accomplished my one a day creative work. See the drawing I made for my son ;D

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