Toilet paper roll cars

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This morning my husband send my son with 3 toilet paper rolls to the trash bag. When I saw him I asked, “Please, don’t throw them, let’s save these toilet paper rolls.” “What for, mom?”, my son was asking skeptically. I explained that at times they are really good for creating toys, or other useful things. He accepted, and kept them in the living room.

“Mom, let’s play cars now!”, my son was calling. We got on the floor, and began playing Bruder forklift truck “dad” and Alloy crane forklift truck “baby”, emerging into the world of humanized utility vehicles. Then all of a sudden my son stopped playing, and said “Let’s make racing cars!” He referred to the 3 toilet paper rolls, and what we had seen on Tips y Manualidades website a couple of days ago. 

We took an old cornflakes package to make the wheels. Some big, some small, which we would glue together. Then we saw the old IKEA catalog, ripped out a couple of pages, and fit them to the width of the toilet paper rolls. My son helped cutting, as much as he liked. Then we glued with a glue stick the IKEA pages to the toilet paper rolls, to make our racing cars more colorful. Initially, I had suggested to paint them, but my son wasn’t interested. For attaching the wheels and the steering wheels we used a hot glue pistol.

The result is really happy. Although they are just made of paper and cardboard, they feel very stable. I was amused when I saw that on one of the wheels was written in French, “La journee!” It reminded me, “The journey!”, which fit in my opinion perfectly to the racing cars. With the help of google translation I later figured that it actually means, “The day!”. No surprise, it’s from a cornflakes package! 😀

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