Fire department made of snow

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Until today I was rather considering creative work needs to be lasting for longer than a moment, a few hours, or a day. It wasn’t that conscious I had been thinking about it, though. It had been lingering in my unconscious.

When I was creating a fire department made of snow for my son’s toy fire trucks & co. while being outside on the Elbe river, my husband asked, “Is this your creative project for today?” And I thought, ‘Wow! Yes! Of course!’ 

Isn’t it funny that such “small” projects we often don’t consider worth mentioning as being a creation of our own? Each child would proudly tell, “I have created a fire department out of snow!” Yet, why we adults have lost this ability to see the worth of that moment?

I had been thinking I still wish to create something for today, and then my husband told me with his question, ‘Hey, you already have got your project done for today!’ Satisfied about this discovery, I leaned back in my mind, and enjoyed the play with my son.

The Snow Fire Department by the ELBE river

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