Easter egg painting

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My son and I went to the store to buy styrofoam eggs. We wanted to paint them for coming Easter.

Joyfully, we coated the halves of the Easter eggs with paint. Then, like with the stones, we got stuck as the color wouldn’t dry very fast. Back when working with the stones, my husband had the brilliant idea of putting them into the hot stove, thus the paint would dry fast.

Well, I adapted this idea for the styrofoam eggs with the devastating result that they would begin melting by collapsing inside. I was quick enough to notice and remove them before they were totally destroyed.

I placed them on the window sill, and to add to the fun the wind blow them down onto the street. We live in the second floor, so we were lucky to find the one half of the Easter egg laying right in front of our living house door upon getting out.

Needless to say that this was the end of creating for today. Yet, I am determined to continue another day, making something nice out of this maltreated styrofoam Easter egg 😀 Stay tuned! 😀

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