Wooden birdhouse

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After Christmas we had taken down my son Christmas calendar. I had made it out of branches from our nearby forest trees. They were laying around for awhile, knowing I am going to use them for something else pretty soon. The idea for making a wooden bird house didn’t take long to come in, thus the branches from the Christmas calendar will find a new purpose.

My husband had ordered a pair of loppers, which turned out perfect for this project. Cutting the branches in small pieces was truly a piece of cake. Together with my son we managed to cut all those for the bottom of the bird house.

Then we took the hot glue pistol to stick them together. Doing so I realized it’s not the best way to connect the branches. First, because the glue won’t be a good thing for the birds picking the seeds out of the bird house. Second, because I needed a huge amount of glue in order to stick the uneven branches somewhat together. At the end, they do hold, yet I am already looking for an idea of how to protect the birds from that glue.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get further with building the birdhouse today.  While still attaching the last branches for the bottom, my son had a major melt-down out of the blue (maybe because our lovely guests had left this morning?…). It lasted for one hour, and ended with him falling asleep in my lap while nursing. So much so for my daily creative project 🙂

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