Mandala with cake

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This morning I really took an easy approach. The night had been really draining of energy, with my son waking a couple of times, screaming, shouting, the usual when he goes to bed overtired.

In first place I decided to have a different breakfast this morning. I made a cake, something my son often wishes for.

While still waiting for the cake to bake I began doodling. I thought of something like a Mandala, but didn’t have a clue of how one does that. So I just remembered that Mandalas always look harmonic, no matter how you turn the picture. I did what I could to make that happen, and well, I did my best 😀

The cake worked out wonderfully, so once my son woke up we ate this delicious treat. Once I finished I continued doodling my Mandala, and soon began coloring the empty white spaces. It kept me feeling really good, calming my inside, and even helped me to just do that, although my son asked for attention. I continued drawing, coloring, and how surprising! – my son found things to do without me, I just needed to respond now and then, or imaginary open a door, as he loves playing that somebody is coming with something and I have to open the door, welcome the person, and be happy about the gift or service he is bringing. A beautiful morning, which showed me – I can keep doing my things alongside my son (at least now and then :D).

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