Photoshopping my template

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Today I made it my goal to use the template I created on yesterday to fill with colors on my Adobe Photoshop program.

It wasn’t all that easy in the end because I struggled at the beginning to even find the bucket tool, not to mention the color palette, in order to fill the empty spaces of my template. Once found that I realized that to my eye it seemed I drew thus that I had separate entities (spaces) everywhere. Yet, they lacked in completion. When I zoomed to 150 per cent I saw that often I hadn’t really drawn to the end. So I used the pencil tool to cover up the holes, with the result of separating most of the spaces as it was intended while drawing. Some parts I had to give up on, as it took to much tension and attention to figure where was the holes. I guess I would have zoomed into double as what I did in order to make them whole.

I made peace with imperfection, colored what was separated successfully, and enjoyed the result. And so I hope you will do.

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