Woolen puppet scarf

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For 4 years I am dragging along two plastic bags full of wool pieces. I got it once on Ebay from a person who obviously does a lot of wool work (making sweaters, scarfs, hats etc.). Since my little son has a puppet called Maxi, who owns only a tiny diaper and a bib, I decided to create something of wool for her.

I  didn’t crochet since my childhood, yet still remembered the basic technique. Thus I ventured upon making a trousers. Very soon, though, I began struggling on how to make that trousers happen successfully. Additionally, I noticed I wouldn’t manage to make a trousers fast enough to give Maxi something to dress with. I explained my son it would take longer than a day’s work for making the trousers. For limiting the disappoint of my son, I offered him to make her a scarf instead. And this is what she got 😉

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