Art you can’t explain

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When thinking about art critics, who try to interpret a piece of art done by someone else, I question the sense of doing so. Maybe they can feel it, that could be. In general though I think it’s a myth. A piece of art from others will always be a mystery for the observer, no matter how much one tries to analyze and feel it.

I believe that no-one else than the artist himself could possibly explain what he was doing, what his intention was about bringing a specific idea into reality. Looking at myself, I even wonder if the artist himself can actually explain what made him create things the way he did. I myself see it a challenge in most occassions. I could say what I was thinking about, but often it is simply a feeling, something that comes from deep within me, which created what others can see.

In my opinion, true art is not “planned”. An artist might think about something specific, gathers ideas, looks at the materials she could use, and then she just feels. She puts herself in a kind of meditative state, in a no-mind state. Simply being allows her creativity about the topic to simply start flowing out of her hands, her mouth, her physical body. She probably has visions, feelings she follows, intuitions, which teach her which step to take next, which direction to go.

Artists do gain technical experience over the years, which they then apply to realize their works. Though, the deep meaning of a piece of art, of true art, which is born from inside the artist, which is not bound to directions given from an external person, this kind of art I believe no-one can profoundly explain, it simply happens.

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