Everyone can draw

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If you think you cannot draw in the moment you are drawing something you most likely will not appreciate the outcome. The true point here is, you will not like it NOT because YOU BELIEVE it is bad, but because you JUDGE yourself according to standards out there. Maye somebody has once criticized your art. You might as well unconsciously refer to a situation, which has hurt you, which left marks in your memory concerning your very scribbles, drawings, paintings, creations.

I have learned over the years that everyone who is able to write can draw, because writing is a DRAWING! If you look at different handwriting, you cannot find anyone who has the same writing like you. Your writing is unique, the same as you are unique. And thus is your way of drawing – it is unique.

For more information on this topic, read about “Drawing on the right side of the brain“, a book by Betty Edwards.

[Photo found in Pixabay]

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