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With astonishment I realize how huge an impact the web has on the art scene. I sometimes consider exhibiting my art work on the street, but find it challenging to get the audience as easily as on the internet. Besides having to figure the perfect spot. It’s astonishing what artists can do today: share their creations with thousands of viewers in no time. That’s impressive. Of course, to draw attention they need to spread their work through Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and whatever is popular.

That art is easier discovered in the web is probably due to the nature of internet users, and the vast implementation of the digital world in our modern lives. I myself am driven by curiosity. It’s so luring to follow amazing images. Just a click and I am entering other people’s world. It’s so inspiring and nurturing for my creative soul. I could spend ages travelling to different domains 😉 I wonder how much time for exploring other sites would be left once I began intensively spreading the word about my own art. What about gaining great reputation online with few effort? I am in favor 😉

Shall I exhibit my art work in a more professional way on the web? Where? Two of my inspiring friends – Katwise and Kate use Etsy. Others use DeviantArt, Flickr and Tumblr. These for me seem a better platform for photography. I love photography! I am constantly thinking of taking pictures, no matter if old ladies’ faces, babies, bugs, flowers, junk, shoes, hands…. I even consider my husbands poker gatherings as great opportunity, where I could catch the player’s faces, hands, cards, and emotions with the advantage that nobody would pay attention to my camera!

Back to art online. What platform should I choose? The range is so big. Besides choosing the network, I would probably need to put effort in spreading the word. Is it necessary to be present in as many different sites possible to draw attention? If so, I am pretty sure the effort would grow over my head. I better just focus on one. So far I like Etsy. Spreading tools like Twitter I somehow don’t really consider suitable for me.

Whatever. For now I prefer to follow the stream of happiness I am currently in by simply doing what I like. I love sharing, I love inspiring, and whatever else comes along, will only have one purpose – to make me happy 😉 Thus, I will continue to share with you my artwork, the stages it goes through, my thoughts and ideas behind it, and hopefully inspire you to be creative. Who knows, maybe it is you at the end who shares with me your experiences with those different platforms, networks, and spreading tools and tell me what works best.

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