Denmark’s fascinating Spring awakening

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Aalborg, Denmark, March 2009. The first sun rays are reaching out their arms, embracing Aalborg’s streets with the mild love of Spring. Delighted, I step out in front of the door, ignoring the cold shiver when the icy wind creeps into my face and extremities. Goose bumps back and forth, this sunshine means to me the end of Denmark’s winter time. My heart and soul burst out in joy, and all I desire right now is venturing into the nearby sculpture park.

The park greets me with the first signs of Spring awakening. Tiny little flowers are breaking through the ground, bushes and trees are putting forth buds, birds are singing significantly louder, and the park – though it’s weekday midmorning – is growded with interesting guises.

Close to the park’s entrance, I stumble upon a somewhat astonished older lady. She faces me shyly and slightly anxious. “Are you alright, young lady?” I asked her. Seemingly astonished that I am speaking to her she keeps silent. She seems to be somewhere else in her thoughts. Maybe she is lonely? I attempt to accompany her by smiling brightly, but all she does is keeping her shy, anxious behavior. She doesn’t move a tiny bit, not even wiggling her fingers or blinking her eyes. All she does is standing like being frozen in her (e)motion. Although I wish to spend time with her, dreaming of having a cup of tea with a wise little lady, I decide to give room for her perception of this world and move on.

My next encounter nearly breaks my heart apart. A man stole the black panther’s cub. Outrageous about this behavior, the mother animal is jumping on the fool’s lab, tearing down his pants, and hooking her sharp claws deeply inside his flesh. Instead of giving in, leaving the cub where it belongs to, he starts fighting the panther off with a threatening tool. The panther is far from impressed, urging the stupid guy to give up.

In the midst of that fight I am distracted by a highly erotic arrangement on the opposite side of the park. A couple exposes it’s love to the world, obviously ignoring the general accepted social behavior in public. They walk like God created man in his own image, as bare and pure as a human can be. They pick a spot to rest where the male sits down and leans affectionately towards his beloved female. Graciously seductive she poses beside him, showing her well-formed, apple-shaped backside to those who are are clearly out of the game. Enticingly, she leans her body’s intimate front part closer and closer to the precious shaped body of her lover. For a moment I get really hot observing the whole scenario. What a dream I am living here right now!

Discrete by nature I turn around and leave the couple on their own. They won’t need me anyway, thus I better focus my attention on a young woman, which I soon discover to be the mother of a beautiful, happy girl. The love and care this mom expresses to her infant is remarkable. So much tenderness, I feel I would love to get into her arms, too. I delight in the hug she is giving her small daughter, remembering the days when my mom hold me as dearly and safe in her arms.

Wallowing in memories, I am disrupted by a squeaky sound. Following it, I hardly believe what my eyes are discovering: a bench bobbing up and down in a certain rythm. I rub my eyes, and YES, in fact this bench is dancing! Coming slowly closer to this marvel, I hear a clinking sound above me. Blinking upwards into the barren treetop I notice a silver wind chime moving softly in the wind. I remain with my attention in the tree for awhile, until I am catching in the corner of my eye the view of the source for the bench’s enchantment. Two extraordinarily hair-styled fellows are singing forcefully out loud a life awakening call, welcoming the rising Spring. I join in the festive atmosphere, shaking out the still persistent winter tiredness from out of my bones, and dance alone the lane with all those happy fellows. What a joy that even the Ukulele performer joins in with a heart-warming song about the miracles of life. Life indeed is beautiful 😉

Refreshed and satisfied by this sunny experience I go back home, knowing that Spring is flowering already in full blossom, and thus has officially opened the season.

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