A tigress proper bath

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In Berlin’s backyards one can find the weirdest things, especially in those created as a space for everybody to visit in an unofficial squat. People living here care for their fellow human beings, for any creature actually, and for anything existing here on earth. They value things that others discard thoughtless in a container, or throw it out their window, letting it rot on the street until a local cleaning service removes the items from sidewalks and streets, or even parks.

The inhabitants in this squat are extraordinarily creative. The backyard is green, like a huge backyard garden, in which plants are creeping up the walls, are bound onto the slightly eye-disturbing electric cables, which are pulled across the backyards sky to connect with the essentials in all corners of the front, back, and side house. Here is a place, where the dream of a sustainable life on earth is practiced to the fullest, where love and light are daily companions, where sharing is the most important value of human interaction. Here ART finds its way to support the natural beauty with fantasy avoking colors.

And right here it is, where two tigresses (female tigers) are having a proper bath, a dive into the REAL world on Earth, which we are all creating each and everyday anew.

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